CEntrance’s MixerFace R4 turns your smartphone into a mobile DAW

CEntrance introduces its new MixerFace R4 – Mobile Recording Interface for songwriters, podcasters and video bloggers.

The handheld 4-channel device turns a smartphone into a DAW, making it quick and easy to capture musical ideas, remote interviews and field recordings – using the smart phone or tablet as a recording medium.

The built-in high-quality mic preamps feature true 48V phantom power, so users can choose their favourite microphone for recording.

With its internal, long-lasting rechargeable battery, the MixerFace R4 is ideal for recording, broadcasting, and live streaming on the go. It is designed for a wide range of users, from songwriters capturing inspiration anywhere-at home, on the tour bus, in a hotel room, or live on stage, to audio-for-video capture, field recording, concert taping, DSLR video, and more.

The MixerFace R4 also features studio monitor outputs so it can double up as a recording interface in a project studio.

MixerFace R4 is compatible with most smart phones, tablets and laptops, including Android and Apple iOS, macOS and Windows-based machines. About the footprint of a smart phone, the four-input mobile recording interface is designed to easily make professional recordings and share digital projects online.

“MixerFace R4 represents a sea change in the recording process. Now multi-track recording and editing can be done on a phone or a tablet, so you can work from anywhere,” explained Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO.

“Our new mic pres are great for instruments and vocals, and the Hi-Z inputs allow you to directly record electric guitar and bass. Now it’s super easy to send in your voiceovers, vocal and instrument overdubs from the road, using just a phone.”

The MixerFrace 4 is now in production and expected to ship in July 2018. It will have a US MSRP of $349.99.

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