Metric Halo unveils 3D Upgrade Expansion board

Metric Halo has revealed its 3D Upgrade Expansion board. The new release is compatible with all existing Metric Halo interfaces and will be shipping in Q3 2018.

Hardware Improvements include:

USB Audio: Until now, MH interfaces have relied on Firewire connectivity for data transfer. With the 3D upgrade, the internal audio interfacing board is replaced with a brand new updated circuit, sporting the brand new state-of-the-art USB-C connector.

MH Link: Each 3D upgrade card comes equipped with MH Link technology, a new ultra-high bandwidth means of interconnection for daisy-chaining multiple Metric Halo interfaces with astonishingly low latency.

MH EdgeBus: Not only does Metric Halo understand that different users will have different connectivity requirements, they know that requirements can change – from venue to venue, studio to studio and year to year. With this in mind MH has developed a new 3D powered ‘EdgeBus’ programmable expansion slot capable of housing cards to extend your digital I/O in almost any fashion you desire. ADAT, MADI, SPDIF and MIDI all get a spot.

Software Improvements include:

MH EdgeBus: MH has developed a new 3D powered ‘EdgeBus’ programmable expansion slot capable of housing cards to extend your digital I/O in almost any fashion.

MH Console: A new and improved input routing framework designed to control your entire system with a straightforward and lightning fast layout. MH Console features a sleek new visual design and is fully 64-bit compatible.

MH Mixer: Metric Halo’s indestructible software mixer capable of overseeing 128 input x 64 bus multi-box unified all at zero-latency.

MH MonitorControl: A brand new monitor controller software module with surround sound capabilities. ULN-8/LIO-8 users also gain access to Analog Domain level control.

MH Record: Multitrack recording software featuring 128 individual inputs plus deep hardware integration.

MH DSP Engine: All users upgrading to 3D will be rewarded with Metric Halo’s +DSP license, providing access to over 100 plug-ins built on the MH Graph environment. Enhanced processing power is all handled by the internal memory.

The 3D Upgrade Kit has a UK RRP starting at £499 inc VAT, and the Edge Board has a UK RRP starting from £89 inc VAT.

Both are available for pre-order now from SCV Distribution, with shipping starting in Q3 2018.

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