Crowdfunding Corner: MagSlide Magnesium guitar slide, Shrolca Wavecycle synth, Miclop Ctrl x synth controller, Guitar Assassin pick holder

In our monthly Crowdfunding Corner feature, we highlight the latest MI and audio projects looking for support to bring their ideas to life.

Check out this month’s selection of crowdfunded gear hoping to make a splash in the industry:

MagSlide Magnesium Guitar Slide

The MagSlide is a guitar slide made of magnesium, the lightest structural metal on earth. It is 5x lighter than brass, 75% lighter than steel and 33% lighter than glass.

Plated in black chrome, the MagSlide offers a rich, warm tone with an uncompromising amount of sustain.

Because it is lighter than the typical slide, the MagSlide can be played on lighter gauge strings with lower action, not just on a guitar especially set up for slide playing.

Find out more and back the MagSlide Magnesium Guitar Slide project here.


Shrolca Digital Wavecycle Synthesizer

The Shrolca claims to be one of the most powerful synthesizers for its size made today. The foundation is the Mutable Instrument’s Shruthi. The Shruthi has a powerful sound engine and analog filter.

It has the same Digital wavecycle oscillators and sequencers and modulation matrix with a classic transistor ladder 24dB voltage controlled filter. There’s a touch activated MIDI keyboard and a machined aluminum body that is less than an inch deep. The keyboard, sequencer and arp can all transmit MIDI data to the MIDI output.

Find out more and back the Shrolca Digital Wavecycle Synthesizer here.


Miclop Ctrl x

Miclop says its new Ctrl x is “the perfect controller for all types of synthesizers and plugins”. Thanks to its workflow and big multi-touch screen, users can have all the values mapped and access any of them in just two clicks.

Features include a Brower Function, four different types of relative, NRPN allowing 16,000 parameters to be mapped, six banks, and a value memory so that jumps do not occur when working in absolute mode.

The Ctrl x also comes with a 7-inch screen, speed-sensitive encoders, and USB and MIDI connections.

Find out more and back the Miclop Ctrl x here.


Guitar Assassin Guitar Pick Holders

Guitar Assassin is a unique accessories brand that has created what it believes is the perfect guitar pick holder.

The adhesive-free, compact thermoplastic-elastomer guitar pick holder keeps your picks well within arm’s reach. Promising “no residue what-so-ever”, the holders are designed to stand the test of time. They are reusable and three colours have been developed so far: black, white, and transparent.

Find out more and back Guitar Assassin’s Guitar Pick Holders project here.

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