Musician, teacher and Vigier artist Stu Brewer reveals his biggest influences

Vigier Guitars recently sat down with musician, teacher and Vigier artist Stu Brewer to ask him five quick-fire questions about his current influences, who would be in his all-star band, and more.

1. Tell us about your current project/projects?

I’m currently preparing for a UK tour with psychedelic EDM rockers Keepers Brew and recording the new album from singer/songwriter Ben Dlugokecki along with all my usual teaching, demo and session work.

2. Tell us a bit about your influences and what artists you are currently listening to – how has this changed over the years?

I grew up on a diet of metal and fretboard shreddery coupled with many a long family road trip with the sounds of The Beatles, Michael Jackson and The Eagles. Add to that my penchant for jazz fusion players such as Al Di Meola and Scott Henderson and my love for music from around the world and you get the idea of where I’m coming from.

The music I listen to hasn’t really changed over the years, just gotten bigger as I’ve explored new music and genres. I think its important to sample as much new music while not forgetting what got you not guitar in the first place.

I’m the biggest fan of The Police, any group who can cram complex jazz chords onto punk energy into 3-minute pop songs are ok in my book.

On the Studio Brewdio wheels of steel at the moment are albums by Tinariwen, Thank You Scientist and Snarky Puppy.

3. What makes you pick up an instrument?

I don’t know about anyone else but I constantly have riffs and song ideas going through my head so need a guitar near me at all times. Do you ever walk past the guy humming to himself, twitching his fingers in time to imaginary music? That’s probably me!

4. Tell us about your Vigier(s) and why you play the models you do?

For single-coil shenanigans, I’m currently rocking an Expert Classic Rock. Apart from adding that extra bite to my guitar arsenal those hotter single coils are really great at cutting through a mix.

I also have an Excalibur Original (in awesome Rock Art finish) and Surfreter incoming.

5. If you could make an all-star band with you on guitar/bass, who else would be in it, living or dead?

My all-star band would have to be a group that could marry rock jazz weirdness into the classic 3-minute pop song with added industrial goodness. So aside from myself I’m going for Stewart Copeland (The Police) on drums, Jeff Buckley on lead vocals, Herbie Hancock on keys, Prince on bass (I know he’s not technically a bass player but it’s Prince, he can do anything!), George Harrison and Frank Zappa on guitars with Trent Reznor (NIN) producing.

What a glorious mess it would be!

Vigier Guitars is distributed in the UK via High Tech Distribution UK. Find out more about Stu Brewer here.


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