Audified’s SpeakUp aims to simplify voiceover blending and audio editing

Audified has announced the availability of SpeakUp – its latest software featuring two responsive, purpose-built plug-ins to simplify voiceover and YouTube projects.

SpeakUp aims to improving speech intelligibility and make voiceover blending smoother.

SpeakUp’s two plug-ins – SpeakUp Sensor and SpeakUp Performer – are designed to free up users to focus on the creative job at hand rather than getting bogged down with time-consuming technicalities.

SpeakUp Sensor should be inserted at the end of the voice track effect chain, whereupon it analyses the track and switches the reduction/filtering process, offering just the right amount of adjustment via several straightforward controls.

Conversely, SpeakUp Performer should be inserted on the video/audio track. It ‘listens’ to the information received from SpeakUp Sensor in order to reduce the volume and process frequency filtering.

Thanks to Audified’s latest offering, adjusting spoken word volume in a video production need not be the time-consuming process it once was.

SpeakUp can be directly downloaded as a multi-format (AAX, AU, VST2, VST3), 32- and 64-bit native plug-in bundle for MacOS (10.9 and above) and Windows (7, 8, and 10) — alongside a fully-functional, 30-day trial version.

SpeakUp is available to purchase at an introductory promo price of $99 until June 31, 2018 – rising to $139 thereafter – from Audified’s online shop.

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