Fuzzrocious introduces unique Afterlife reverb pedal

Fuzzrocious has introduced a new reverb pedal to its line-up. ‘Afterlife’ promises to do more and look more fun than your average reverb.

According to its makers, the new offering sprung from an idea for a reverb that is lush, has controllable in decay, and offers a second output that sends a totally wet reverbed signal with zero dry signal.

You can send the second output to the second input of your amp or even your second amp for a bi-amp setup. When both outputs are utilised, a jangly, seasick, back and forth sound occurs.

“When the Repeats 1 knob is set to a longer repeats setting, you can get some insane oscillation! If R2 is dimed, when you hold down the left footswitch, you’ll achieve hella oscillations,” detailed Fuzzrocious.

“…but wait, there’s more! When the pedal is on/active, you can use the 2nd footswitch to jump between “Repeats 1” and “Repeats 2” for two repeats settings (think short decay/long oscillating decay). When the pedal is off, if the “Repeats 2” knob is fully clockwise, the second momentary footswitch sends oscillation to the second output.

“Please note that when the pedal is bypassed, output 2 will output NO sound (unless R2 is dimed and you’re holding down the left footswitch).”

The Afterlife is a Belton brick-based reverb based on the D Verb and is available now through High Tech Distribution UK.

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