Taurus unveils Vandall-500 bass head and V2 guitar amps

Taurus Amplification has introduced new guitar and bass amps to its range of products.

The Taurus Vandall-500 (pictured) is a 500W/RMS bass head with a double input, including both solid state and tube pre-amps.

The solid state pre-amp ensures great dynamic while the tube pre-amp provides a warm, soft sound. Both pre-amps can be steplessly mixed to offer the whole spectrum of desired sounds, from crisp and clear to slightly over driven tube.

The V2 High Gain amp is based on Taurus’ MTD (Master Tube Design) technology, which helps the company to create powerful guitar amplifiers in very compact shapes. This technology uses all the significant features of tubes which determine the warm, classic sound of guitar amps.

The guitar amplifier is extremely light weight, yet has very compact dimensions and a powerful sound.

The guitarist has access to two channels (CLEAN and LEAD) chosen with manual selector or footswitch. CLEAN channel gives a choice of two different sounds: CLEAN or slightly distorted CRUNCH which can be smoothly adjusted by a GAIN potentiometer. Two additional foot switches are assigned to control BOOST and MUTE functions.

The V2 Classic amp is also based on a MTD technology. It comes equipped with a power selector that allows users to set 90Watt or 40Watt in STAGE MODE and 20Watt or 12Watt in STUDIO MODE.

The amp is designed to work with 4, 8, and 16 ohm cabinets, with the power amp adjusting itself automatically to speakers impedance.

Available in September, the Taurus Vandall-500, V2 High Gain and V2 Classic amps are all available for pre-order now.

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