Impact Soundworks releases Allura Vol 1, featuring vocal performances from Jillian Aversa

Impact Soundworks has unveiled the first volume of Allura, a Kontakt virtual instrument featuring vocal performances by award-winning vocalist Jillian Aversa and designed with film, TV, and game soundtrack composers in mind.

Allura offers a wide selection of wordless phrases in multiple keys, tempos, and time signatures, with performer Jillian Aversa bringing to the table her 10+ years of experience singing for such blockbuster video game franchises as Civilization, Halo, God of War, and Soulcalibur.

“I wanted to capture my ‘signature sound’: ethereal, emotional vocals in both soprano and alto ranges. Sometimes breathy and sometimes with a more focused tone, including a range of straight tone to more prominent vibrato,” explained Aversa.

Allura includes 150 phrases, each recorded in four different keys, allowing composers maximum flexibility in using any phrase in any key with minimal transposition.

Each phrase group and individual performance is tagged by tempo, time signature, and key/mode, so the performances can be used to both inspire new compositions, or easily fit into existing ones. The library also includes 25 bonus atmospheric pads, single notes and multi-sampled ‘oo’ and ‘ah’ vowels.

“We wanted to make this as composer-focused as possible. Lots of phrase libraries sound great, but they include lyrics or freeform tempos, which makes them too hard to use in existing music,” said library producer Andrew Aversa. “The phrases of Allura are just the right style and length that they can be used in tons of musical styles. Plus, it’s easy to browse for the exact tempo and scale to find a phrase that works in your composition!”

Though the recordings can be used in precision-edited WAV format, Allura’s Kontakt interface allows for easy mapping and browsing of every performance, along with automatic tempo syncing to host. The Kontakt engine also sports a high-quality FX rack and on-board phrase editing to further sculpt the sounds.

Allura Volume 1 is available now as a digital download for $59.


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