Fuzzrocious Pedals introduces Anomalies, its first delay offering

High Tech Distribution UK has added Fuzzrocious Pedals’ new Anomalies delay to its range of MI gear and accessories.

Anomalies is Fuzzrocious’ first delay offering. It takes a PT2399 delay chip, chops the circuit down to a bare bones operation, and transforms it into a “very special beast”.

“It’s lo-fi and glitchy, so don’t expect pristine, pretty repeats,” explained Fuzzrocious. “Imagine being able to play a delayed signal at one speed and be able to send the speed into near-quadruple time or near-1/4 time via a momentary footswitch. It’s real. You can do it. For real.

“With higher repeats (near and into oscillation territory), this creature is messy, so don’t expect it to do perfect loops like your digital delay/looper, but if you work hard enough, it will help you get pretty darn close and sound different from the rest of the crowd.”

At less repeats, you have the ability to alter the speed of your delay time on the fly from normal to fast or normal to slow. There is also an internal trimpot that will allow you to control the slower speed setting as we as the mix of dry/wet.

Fuzzrocious Pedals are available now from HTD UK.


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