Prolight + Sound 2018: Clair Brothers launch 10SPOT hybrid speaker

Clair Brothers has announced a new innovative loudspeaker that it says “breaks new ground and moves the audio industry ever forward”.

Announced at Prolight + Sound 2018, the 10SPOT is designed as an “ultimate hybrid loudspeaker” that combines Clair Brothers’ Curved Array Technology with its One Series coaxial horn technology.

The result is a unique form factor loudspeaker that occupies little visual space while covering listening areas more coherently than your average conventional point sources.

With a frequency response of 90Hz – 20,000Hz the speaker is ideal for when articulate speech and music reproduction is key. Because of its form factor, dispersion characteristics, and its four integral mounting points, the 10SPOT is well-suited for installation near ceiling to wall intersections in a variety of applications – hotel/club bar areas, performing arts centers, houses of worship, arenas and auditoriums, nightclubs, cruise ship venues and A/V systems support.

The 10SPOT will begin shipping in Summer 2018.


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