Musikmesse 2018: New banjo and mandolin strings from Martin Guitar

Martin Guitar has introduced its long-awaited banjo and mandolin strings crafted with Monel at the 2018 Musikmesse.

The well-loved vintage tone of Monel strings will add “balance and distinction” to your sound, from Americana to country and bluegrass. Martin will continue to offer its existing 80/20 bronze-wound mandolin strings and nickel-wound banjo strings, both with newly refreshed packaging.

In addition to the new banjo and mandolin strings, Martin is also showcasing its recently-launched premium classical and ukulele strings, which debuted at this year’s Winter NAMM.

Here’s what Martin Guitar has to say about each string set:


A good banjo string is a lightning rod for the very best of what’s in your fingertips. Made from long-lasting, naturally corrosion-resistant Monel, Martin’s new banjo strings maximize the driving, rich sound of your instrument without sacrificing brilliance and clarity. Vega Banjo strings are designed to honour one of the most respected names in banjo history for over two centuries. The new Monel banjo strings are available in Medium (10) gauge (V740).


Find the warmest, deepest sound in your mandolin with this articulate, balanced, long-lasting set of strings. Made to amplify the natural tone of your instrument, Martin mandolin strings are designed to sound resonant and broken-in from day one and to live in the sweet spot of brightness for as long as you keep them on your instrument. With an even response and naturally corrosion-resistant design, Martin’s new mandolin strings are built so you can spend less time tuning and more time playing. The new Monel mandolin strings are available in Medium (11) gauge (M465).
Martin mandolin strings offer:


Martin’s premium classical strings are tonally superior to nylon, and the proprietary synthetic material emulates gut strings that have been around for centuries. Magnifico strings, developed exclusively with Aquila, offer precise intonation and exceptional tuning stability. Unlike Martin’s standard classical strings, which have a ball-end, Magnifico classical strings are offered only with the traditional tie-end. The premium line debuted with two models: Hard Tension (M165) and Normal Tension (M265). All Nazareth-made nylon guitars and custom produced nylon guitars will be strung with Martin’s Magnifico premium classical strings.


Martin is known for making exceptional ukuleles for over 100 years, and recently the company proudly unveiled a premium line of ukulele strings at Winter NAMM 2018. Developed exclusively with Aquila, the new strings provide precise intonation and clear, balanced tone with exceptional sustain and projection. Martin’s premium ukulele string line was launched with three models to suit every ukulele enthusiast: Soprano (M605), Concert (M610), and Tenor (M625). All Nazareth-made ukuleles will be strung with Martin’s premium ukulele strings.

Check out the Martin Guitar stand at Musikmesse in Hall 8.0, Booth F74.

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