Soundbrenner is on a mission to change the way you use a metronome

Some musicians sweat at the mere thought of playing along to ‘the click’, others feel like a performance isn’t right without the aid of one. If you’re now used to playing along to a metronome, you can probably remember a time that it felt like it was working against you, not with you.

MI start-up Soundbrenner has drastically updated the traditional metronome and is on a mission to give musicians an easier way to master their craft, and the dreaded click.

Combining the MI world with the wearable tech phenomenon that’s been accelerating over the last few years, Soundbrenner has created the Pulse – a wearable metronome where the “distracting audio click” has been replaced with strong, tactile vibrations that pulse the beat directly onto the body.

Since launching in 2016, the Soundbrenner Pulse has sold over 40,000 units and is currently on track to sell another 40,000 throughout 2018.

The device lets users experience vibrations 7 times stronger than the average smartphone, removing annoying audio clicks and freeing up your ears for the music alone. It can be worn anyway you want: wrist, ankle, arm, and with the body strap, on the chest or back.

“We created the Soundbrenner Pulse with the purpose to help musicians master their musical craft by making rhythm practice more comfortable, natural and more enjoyable,” said the firm.

“The response has been amazing with, many musicians saying that the physical sensation of the vibrations make the entire experience more intuitive and direct.

“We’ve also made it our mission to modernise the metronome by bringing in technologies that allow the Soundbrenner Pulse to be integrated into the modern music making workflow.”

The start-up also launched an accompanying Metronome app, which already has over 1 million downloads.

“We made a companion app, The Metronome, to allow the musician to have full rhythm customisation, set list creation, and more,” said Soundbrenner.

With the firm expanding its distribution to over 70 countries and having its team grow to 20 people across two offices in Hong Kong and Berlin, what’s next for Soundbrenner?

The MI/tech firm says it is on track to double our customer base this year, and will be introducing modern technology such as wireless DAW integrations, performance tracking and more into its platform in 2018. There will also be the ability to sync up multiple units together and have an entire band feel the same rhythm simultaneously.

“Our mission is ambitious, but we are driven and committed to provide the best tools for the musical community,” said Soundbrenner. “Our journey has just started and it’s an exciting time to be a in the MI space.”

The Metronome App is available for iOS ( and Android (


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