Parappa the Rapper creator and musician Masaya Matsuura to perform at the National Videogame Arcade

The National Videogame Arcade will be hosting an audiovisual concert and large-scale retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of legendary game developer and musician Masaya Matsuura.

This August, the father of the rhythm action game is bringing his vocoder to Nottingham’s NVA for ‘I Got Rhythm (Action)’ which will feature music from his back catalogue of much-loved games, real-time 3D visuals (featuring a cast of characters you might recognise), and more than a little bit of his trademark jazz-funk-vocoder-fusion.

The multi-instrumentalist is the creator of Parappa the Rapper and Vib Ribbon, founder of NanaOn-Sha, and an avid vintage synth collector.

The ‘I Got Rhythm (Action)’ exhibition will also look back over the life and work of Masaya Matsuura, and narrated by the man himself in a series of exclusive interviews, the exhibition will chart the invention, development and impact of the rhythm action game from Parappa the Rapper to the present.

And because Matsuura-san has given the National Videogame Arcade’s curatorial teams unprecedented access to his archives, the exhibition will showcase never-before-seen artwork, objects and designs from some of the best-loved games of all time.

If you’ve ever wanted to find out how a rhythm action game is made, get a backstage pass for the studio full of exotic instruments, or get up close and personal with Parappa, Vibri and Chop Chop Master Onion, tickets will go on sale soon at the NVA.


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