Arturia launches new vintage preamps and synth filters that “you’ll actually use”

Arturia has launched a new range of plugins, letting users experiment with three historic preamps and three iconic analog filters.

Designed, emulated, and realised using Arturia’s exclusive True Analog Emulation technology, the six plugins will add tonal flavour, analog drive, filtering, sound design, and creative sequencing to your projects.

Available in two bundles, the new offers feature the following preamps and filters.

3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use
– 1973-Pre: A modern take on Rupert Neve’s classic solid-state pre, complete with switchable boutique transformers.
– TridA-Pre: Made famous by Trident Studio’s A Range consoles, our updated preamp model accurately adds this gold-dust tone to your DAW.
– V76-Pre: Modelling the classic Telefunken tube tone at the heart of the “White Album” sound, and integrating a rare shelf EQ for extra control.

3 Filters You’ll Actually Use
– SEM-Filter: Perfectly recreated from one of the earliest self-contained analog synths. We
updated this state-variable filter with a simple but effective sequencer.
– Mini-Filter: We cracked the code of Dr Moog’s renowned ladder filter, and let you control it with a whole new generation of tools.
– M12-Filter: Modelled on Tom Oberheim’s formidable multi-mode filter found on the Matrix-12, the plugin also features twin filters, mod osc and random generators, hugely customisable mod matrix, and programmable envelopes.

Until July 31st, 2018, both bundles will be available for an introductory offer price.

3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use will be available for £175, and £265 after the promotion. 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use will be available for £89, and £175 after the introductory offer is over.

Arturia products are distributed exclusively in the UK & Ireland by Source Distribution.


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