Tracktion releases Waveform 9 with exclusive 24 track drum loop construction kits

Tracktion Corporation has introduced the Ninth Generation of its award winning DAW, Waveform.

Designed to enable musicians, artists and composers to discover and explore their own unique sound, the new release includes range of new features, add-ons and additional content.

Waveform now offers an unprecedented library of exclusive 24 track drum loop construction kits. Users can combine this with the new Multi Sampler ‘one button’ import / slice tool to surgically dissect the beats and re-arrange them to produce alternative and unorthodox ideas.

Waveform 9’s new Multi Sampler Instrument is designed to make it simpler and faster for users to develop, create and build musical content, without the need for pre-sets. Used in conjunction with the multi-screen set-ups of the new Modular Mixing Tool, this helps users customise the interface for more control and power.

The expanded capabilities of the popular MIDI pattern generator include a global chord track, a custom plug-in faceplate designer, macro parameters and track loops / presets. In addition, the new modifiers and the major enhancements to the fully modular ‘rack’ environment gives further opportunities to experiment.

“Our team knows successful artists spend a lot of time creating libraries of sounds to use in their songwriting, said James ’Woody’ Woodburn, Tracktion Founder and Principal.

“We have spent time refining Waveform’s ability to discover, manipulate, store and retrieve user content in the Multi Sampler. This combined with the universal ability to save presets (tracks, edits, plug-ins, racks etc.) with audible loop previews means users can quickly generate content, store it, locate it, and expand to original format faster than ever before. Waveform 9 empowers users to create their own, individual sound.”


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