Scottish music organisations to act as drop-off points for ‘musical instrument amnesty’

Pass It On Week kicks off in Scotland from Saturday 10th March, and this year, the annual celebration of re-use is encouraging the public to donate instruments to its ‘musical instrument amnesty’.

Between 10th – 18th March, over 60 collection partners, including music organisations and charities, will act as drop off points.

Zero Waste Scotland’s Pass It On Week aims to promote the re-use of items in an effort to avoid waste.

“We’re calling on community groups, charities, local authorities, businesses, schools, colleges, universities and individuals to get involved and run some kind of re-use activity to get people passing on stuff they no longer use, so it can have a new life with someone else,” said the organisers.

“For 2018, we’re holding some special themed activity on musical instruments, and staging a national amnesty to pass on unplayed and unused instruments to rehome them with young people and those keen to learn.”

Singer-songwriter Be Charlotte is championing the ‘musical instrument amnesty’ part of the campaign.

“My first instrument was violin but I wasn’t very good at it,” she said at a discussion about the campaign in Glasgow on Tuesday.

“It’s quite a difficult instrument to be around when someone is not very good at it, so we traded it for a guitar and I’ve never looked back really.

“The fact that I now get to tour in other countries is partly down to the fact I was able to pick up a guitar when I was 13 years old.”

If you want to pass an instrument on to support the musical instrument amnesty, you can find your nearest collection point here.


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