Fibonacci teams up with OX4 Pickups to create the new Diablo OX4 guitar

Fibonacci Guitars has unveiled an update to its Diablo guitar. By teaming up with Oxford-based OX4 Pickups, the new model, aptly named the Diablo OX4, comes with a hand-wound humbucker promising to offer top-end clarity.

The Diablo model comes standard with the Kent Armstrong 12 Pole Magnum humbucker, but Fibonacci says it wanted to offer something a bit more unique, which covers all the tonal spectrums a guitarist may look for.

The guitar maker went on a search for the “Holy Grail of pickups” and ended up at Oxford’s OX4 Pickups.

“We asked Mark Stow, the brainchild behind the OX4 operation, if he could design a humbucker for our Diablo model. We certainly were not left wanting,” said Fibonacci.

“After prototyping a few different winds on the Diablo, Mark really nailed what we were after, top end clarity and the voice of the guitar.

“The Diablo OX4 is a magical pickup, and all are hand-wound and assembled to order in the UK by Mark himself. He uses only top-shelf components and vintage correct materials.”

The Diablo OX4 pickup is wound at 7.7k. According to Fibonacci this is “band in the sweet spot range to offer that top-end clarity”.

Specs for the Diablo OX4 humbucker include:

– Alnico 4 magnets
– Low wind with 42 PE wire
– Wound to 7.7k
– Powder coated black covers
– Gold plated pole screws
– Cool offsets for maximum clarity
– Single conductor for 4-way split wiring with push-pull switching option.

The Diablo is a 14” x 56mm archtop guitar with florentine cut-away, produced with 3-ply laminated maple sound-board, back and sides, a one-piece maple neck, and complemented with solid maple binding throughout.

The Diablo comes as standard with Indian ebony fingerboard, scratch-plate, floating bridge and tailpiece.


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