Gismart’s WeDrum is “world’s first augmented reality drum game”

Music entertainment app developer Gismart has released what it’s calling the world’s first augmented reality (AR) music game.

AR mode is a new feature available within the latest update to the WeDrum app on Apple devices updated to iOS 11.

Launched globally on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, WeDrum is a unique drumset simulator game which “creates a social music-making experience”. The game allows users to select a guitarist, pianist or a vocalist to perform alongside them in a virtual band or choose to drum along to a variety of pre-recorded tunes alone.

Designed to give users a more entertaining in-play experience, the latest update to its iOS platform introduces an additional AR mode, which users can now activate on the drum game, as well as the standard drum kit simulator mode available in WeDrum.

By selecting the new AR feature, users can access a more vibrant and interactive interface on which to play, to emphasise the gaming aspect of WeDrum. Meanwhile, by switching to the AR drum kit simulator users can experience a more realistic setting for playing drums, during which the entire drumset becomes fully visible and controllable on the screen.

“Adding AR we wanted to bring an additional fun factor and give everyone a true to life playing environment,” said Dmitri Lipnitsky, co-founder of Gismart.

“Users can now place a drum kit in the middle of their bedroom and play along to their favourite songs simply by having a phone or tablet in their hands. The AR feature is the first of its kind in mobile music apps, we believe makes the game process more entertaining and has the ability to transform the user experience.

“We are currently working on various other updates so expect more AR musical instrument simulator games and further improvements to social music making features, which will become readily available on the app over the coming months.”

Since its launch, WeDrum has been awarded the Editor’s Choice badge by Google; the third app by Gismart to receive the accolade in recent months, alongside its Piano and Real Guitar apps.

WeDrum is currently available for both iOS and Android.


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