Crowdfunding Corner: Alquier Guitars, FretMapper, OneManBand, AE drums, LEDpedal

In our brand new Crowdfunding Corner monthly feature, we’ll be highlight the latest MI and audio projects looking for support to bring their ideas to life.

Check out this month’s selection of crowdfunded gear hoping to make a splash in the industry:

Alquier Guitars – Guitars of The Third Kind

With the regulation of exotic woods and a global paradigm shifting towards sustainability, Alquier Guitars is aiming to transform “the soul of the guitar” with its range of eco-friendly instruments.

After five years of independent research, which culminate in Alquier’s Ethiq guitar line, the brand has introduced bamboo, titanium and the absolute use of non-exotic woods.

“Guitars of The Third Kind” feature non-tropical wood, a bamboo alternative, high-end titanium parts, custom pickups and a honeycomb structure.

The company is looking for £61,692 to reach its goal on Kickstarter and there’s plenty of time to get involved.


FretMapper: Instantly Find Guitar Scales and Notes

FretMapper visually places guitar scales and notes right over your fretboard, so that you can instantly jam and solo, and enjoy playing without having to first memorise all of that musical information.

FretMapper promises to open up new possibilities for those that have jamming experience already, giving you instant knowledge, allowing you to start playing right away and focus on making music.

Every scale is assigned a unique shape indicator, eg. square, triangle. Every note has a symbol, which resembles its letter name. And finally, every key is given a colour, and the scales and notes are shown in these colours.

FretMapper will be printed on thin transparent plastic, and will use an adhesive that stays in place but is also easily removable.

FretMapper is looking for £2,823 over at Kickstarter.



OneManBand – A New Way to Play Guitar

OneManBand enables guitarists to take their guitar playing to the next level with three “game-changing” features: auto-backup music in real-time, an instrument-swap mode, and a no-delay guitar-to-MIDI mode.

“It’s the missing link between guitars and seemingly magical tech, unleashing any guitarists’ sound- no matter the style,” says OMB.

The unique technology utilises capacitive and inductive tech to detect signals from the strings and convert them to digital data without any latency. By knowing what you’re playing, the app can convert that to MIDI in real-time and enrich your sound in a bunch of different ways. And OMB promises that your guitar will feel and play just like normal.

OMB has just completed its Indiegogo campaign, where users pledged a whopping $728,515 to bring this project to life.


AE Drums Compact 10″ Snare Drum

Daughter and father team AE Drums have designed a portable, acoustic 10-inch snare drum.

The practice-pad-sized table top acoustic drum is designed to be very easy to transport and measures only 2 inches in height and 11.5-inches in overall diameter.

Because the drum only used one head, with the snares resting underneath it within the cavity of the instrument, drummers can get a decent snare sound out of the instrument whether it’s attached to a stand on even resting on a surface like a table.

AE Drums is looking for £2,860 over at Kickstarter.


LEDpedal expression and volume pedals

LEDpedal expression and volume pedals are borne from the simple idea that you should be able to see your pedals and see where they’re set.

Designer Mark Hubel says that up until now musicians concerned about a polished performance could only take their best guess at adjusting their instrument volume or their standard volume or expression pedal.

With LEDpedal, a 10-LED display indicates exact pedal position from zero to ten. Under treadle, soft/warm white LED lighting ensures visibility allowing you to better land your foot in dim or dark ambient lighting conditions.

LEDpedal is looking for £3,388 over on Kickstarter.


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