New M.O.T.H overdrive pedal flies in from Fuzzrocious

Fuzzrocious Pedals has announced a new Multi Overdrive Tremolo Hex – a.k.a M.O.T.H – hybrid pedal.

The new offering is a hybrid of a few things – it’s an overdrive, it’s a fuzz, it’s a tremolo, it’s a noise machine oscillator. As its makers put it: “It does all of the things that people want in a moth. It flutters, zips and can fly transparently through the air.”

The new pedal has an overdrive circuit set up for low-medium drive. It pushes into a power amp IC, which provides a blast of volume. And a gain pot provides glitchy, fuzzy tones at counterclockwise, and clear, low gain, chimey tones at clockwise.

If you start fully clockwise, you’ll hear gain turn to heavier then fuzzy tones as you roll back counterclockwise. The drive responds very well to the volume pot on your instrument, cleaning up even more as you roll it back.

As is Fuzzrocious tradition, the new pedal features what it likes to call “some weirdness”. When the left footswitch is activated, the Hex Schmitt Trigger is activated to add some flutter. And you can use the “H” speed knob to move from a fast tremolo, up through pitchy oscillation, all while mixed with your drive signal.

For extra fun, turn your instrument’s volume pot off, turn the M.O.T.H.’s Hex on, turn the Gain pot to fully counterclockwise, and experience something “extra weird”. You can turn the “H” speed knob to control how messed up you want your sound to be.

Fuzzrocious Pedals are available now through High Tech Distribution UK.


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