Vermona introduces the randomRHYTHM trigger sequencer

Electronic sound tools creator Vermona has announced the availability of the randomRHYTHM randomised trigger sequencer/clock divider.

Unlike traditional step sequencers, Vermona’s randomRHYTHM does not allow its users to set steps manually, or tap in a rhythm, but rather work with four LED-lit sliders labelled 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/3 to set the probability of quarters, eighths, sixteenths and triplets making an appearance to form sequences in its two rhythm sections.

Each rhythm section works in real-time or DICE mode, meaning that the module is either continuously generating new random values for each note value in real-time, whereas in DICE mode it generates them for a complete 3/4 or 4/4 bar. But in both modes the sliders still influence the resulting sequence.

Beside the sequence output of each rhythm section are individual outputs for those quarters, eighths, sixteenths and triplets. These can be used with or without the randomness that inspired this Eurorack module’s name; needless to say, the latter lets the randomRHYTHM randomised trigger sequencer/clock divider become a precise tool to generate or multiply clocks. Concerning clocks, the randomRHYTHM can create its own or work with external clocks – per rhythm section, if required.

Additional music-making merriment is guaranteed by the flexible RESET IN (input) that lets users mute the outputs (RESET: MUTE ALL) or restart the ‘diced’ bar (RESET: RESTART DICE). Again, as is the case with all parameters, functionality can be individually set per rhythm section.

The randomRHYTHM effectively encourages endless creativity in itself. It is equally easy to create complex rhythms or straight-ahead four-on-the-floor beats.

Regardless of any user’s understanding and appreciation of its core values, it does not matter if the randomRHYTHM is used as the sole rhythmic device in a modular system setup or in conjunction with other sequencers as a valuable extension. Either way, working with the sequencer sheds a whole different light on rhythms and ways to generate them.

Shipping now, the randomRHYTHM randomized trigger sequencer/clock divider is available to purchase through Vermona’s global network of dealers with an RRP of €299.00.


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