Furch revamps acoustic range with new Color Series guitars

Furch Guitars has introduced a new portfolio of acoustic guitars bearing the names of the colours of the rainbow.

Following a period of nearly two decades, Furch has made a fundamental change in its portfolio of acoustic guitars, with the flagship line of Millennium instruments now being replaced with seven new model lines – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

“The Color Series models stand out not only thanks to their attractive looks, underscored by a host of meticulously crafted details, but also, and more importantly, thanks to a first-class sound, courtesy of a combination of the highest-grade premium tonewoods and high-precision manufacturing,” said the firm.

Every Color Series guitar is crafted using proprietary state-of-the-art technologies that include soundboard voicing, which tunes the top plate to achieve unrivalled acoustic properties, highly consistent ultra-thin finish, and high-precision robotic polishing.

In addition, all colour-series guitars feature the Furch CNR System, a revolutionary neck design that promises lasting stability and allows the neck relief to be adjusted with an “unsurpassed degree of accuracy”.

Petr Furch, managing director of Furch Guitars, explained: “For us, guitar making is much more than just a business. Building guitars is our passion and a challenge at the same time. We constantly work on improvements and look for ways to take the quality of our instruments to a yet higher level. In the past three years, we have developed and successfully tested several revolutionary designs.

“To let the world know that these new features have been incorporated into production, we’ve decided to change the names of our guitar models. Considering how much care goes into the crafting of every single Furch guitar, our guitars now bear names that evoke the emotional and passionate nature of music making.”

The seven new guitar lines include the top-of-the-line Red series (pictured above), which features high-grade tonewoods, top and back tuning, captivating unconventional adornments, and a matchless High-Gloss Finish.

Conversely, the Violet series includes instruments with a solid top, Open-Pore Finish, and stylish scaled-back appointments.

“One of the reasons behind changing the names of our models was to create a comprehensive range of acoustic guitars for all purposes and all musicians, said Furch. “The new model lines were created based on the success of our established models. The Color Series includes direct descendants of guitars we have been offering until now as well as several brand-new models.

Furch’s Yellow Color Series model.

“The Color Series includes 19 all solid woods guitars and three guitars featuring both solid and layered woods, each of which is a top-quality instrument that differs from other models by its sound and overall design.”

The seven Color Series model lines are complemented by the Rainbow premium series, which allows players to handpick the features of their guitar and order a fully custom instrument. The Rainbow series starts with a base master-grade model that can be customised using a host of options from the list of custom features, making ever Rainbow model unique.

In addition, Furch has also revamped its Vintage Series of traditionally-designed guitars.

The previous lineup has been replaced with guitars designated as Vintage 1 to 3, which come in a combination of a Sitka spruce soundboard and Indian rosewood back and sides.

The Furch Guitars portfolio also includes Grand Nylon guitars, acoustic-electric bass guitars, and the Little Jane travel guitar.


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