Impact Soundworks unveils new sound library full of meditative tones

Audio software creator Impact Soundworks has introduced ‘Meditation’ – its new collection of acoustic mallet, gong, and glass sounds.

Ideal for film scoring applications and ambient and atmospheric music creation, Meditation is a sampled virtual instrument library for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT platform.

It cleverly combines a treasure trove of unique acoustic sound sources – such as Aquarion, Boltophone, Brass Urn, Crotales, Gamelan Ensemble, Glass Gong, Glockenspiel, Kenong, Koto Harmonic Pluck, Marimba, Muted Prayer Bowl, Pipe Harp, Pot Lids, Rubber Mallets, Shou Drum Brushed, Stonaphone, Toy Piano, Tubular Bells, Vibraphone, Violin Pick, and Waterglasses – with an additive synthesis layer, representing the first of its kind in a KONTAKT instrument.

Though the Meditation library itself includes in-depth synth parameters with modulation tweaking aplenty, average users do not need to be an additive synthesis expert to enjoy it. Included are a wide variety of presets for adjusting the basic parameters of each sound.

Meditation’s interface is divided into two primary layer panels, the left one contains controls for the Acoustic Layer – centred around a SOUNDSOURCE menu (revealing all available acoustic sound sources) with associated knobs for adjusting its volume, panning and transposition, while additive synthesis-centric controls reside in the right layer.

Like its acoustic counterpart, the Synthetic Layer features a row of straightforward settings, starting with a WAVEFORM menu for selecting one of three waveforms alongside associated knobs to adjust its volume and panning. Four more controls are dedicated to “Inharmonicity” – the degree to which the frequencies of overtones (or partials) depart from the fundamental frequency (harmonic series).

The ‘leaf’ button initiates an Eco Mode, preventing triggering of partials that are initially silent, while the ‘tuning fork’ (Pure Partials) button adjusts the base tuning of all partials to just/pure intonation.

In keeping with many of its Impact Soundworks software siblings, Meditation includes the company’s trademark easy-to-use FX Rack – featuring EQ, Compressor, Transient Designer, Scream, Bitcrusher, Delay, Reverb, and Limiter.

Meditation can be purchased and digitally downloaded here from Impact Soundworks for $49.00.

Note that Meditation requires the full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT (Version 5.5.2 or higher).



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