Vigier’s Excalibur SpeciaAl guitar now available from HTD UK

Those who followed our NAMM Show 2018 coverage may have seen Vigier Guitars’ updated Excalibur offerings.

Along with its new Velours Noir finish, Vigier also introduced a new model to the family – the Excalibur SpeciaAI, an updated model of the Excalibur SupraA, which was first showcased at NAMM 2016.

The extra “A” stands for “Amber.” The SupraA was outfitted with a special set of handwound Amber pickups. For 2018, Vigier decided to raise the bar once again and introduce the Excalibur SpeciaAl.

Like every Vigier, the SpeciaAl is equipped with the following:

• 10/90 neck system, so the neck will never need adjusting for the life of the instrument
• Vigier 2011 trem, which pivots on needle bearings instead of knife edges so no matter how hard you go, you’ll never have any issues
• Flexretainer string retention system
• Teflon nut
• Hardened zero fret (all of which combine with the 10/90 neck and 2011 trem to provide the smoothest action and most reliable tuning you have ever experienced)
• A Neutrik locking jack to ensure you never go cable-less on stage, despite your best efforts
• Strap buttons counter sunk into brass casings to keep your strap where you need it – on your guitar
• A Hiscox light flight case

The new model, along with Vigier’s other Excalibur guitars, is available now from High Tech Distribution UK.


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