DW’s LowPro travel drum kit named ‘Best in Show’ at this year’s NAMM Show

The new, patent-pending Performance Series LowPro travel kit from DW Drums was named “Best in Show” at this year’s NAMM Show.

Inspired by the overwhelming success of DW’s line of ultra-shallow, single-headed Design Series Pancake Gong and Pancake Bass drums, the firm developed a complete set of lightweight, durable and completely portable drums designed for use in small spaces, and performers on the go.

With 3-piece and 4-piece configurations, the DW Performance Series build-quality shells are available in durable White Marine and Black Diamond FinishPly options.

The versatile new drumset design concept includes DW hardware and packs up into a deluxe, rolling travel, case which is sold separately.

“The initial inspiration was to create a more durable, stable and playable practice kit. However, after getting feedback from some of our artists, we realized we had something on our hands that could be miked up and used as a small cocktail kit for live gigs,” said Drum Workshop Inc. Vice President of Product Development, Rich Sikra. “We feel like the LowPro Kit really solves a lot of problems for drummers, which has always been DW’s mission statement.”

The DW Performance Series LowPro travel kit 3-piece configuration includes 10” & 13” toms and 20” bass drum and weighs just over 22 pounds.

The 4-piece configuration includes 10” & 13” toms, 12” Snom (snare/tom) and 20” bass drum and weighs less than 29 pounds.

The DW Performance Series LowPro kit integrates a unique ‘bipod’ stand design for increased stability and optimal functionality. Mounted directly through the bass drum, the tom stand features dual, retractable legs which nest inside the bass drum for easy pack up and set up.

Also included in the 4-piece configuration is a modified, DW 6000 Series Ultralight snare stand and a DWSM2035 accessory percussion arm for additional Snom snare-to-tom set-up options.


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