Casio releases AP-470 Celviano digital piano

Casio Music UK has unveiled the AP-470 Celviano lineup of cabinet-style digital pianos.

Available in two different finishes (Satin Black and Satin White) the AP-470 is based on sound and design principles akin to traditional acoustic pianos.

The new AP-470 models (with RRP starting from £1099.99) come with two types of preset grand piano tones. The setting intended for classical music reproduces each subtle nuance of an acoustic piano and gives players a full range of expression, from delicate notes to powerful response, depending on the force of their keystrokes. The other Grand Piano setting has been tailored for jazz and pop music.

For the new model, Casio enhanced two of its existing technologies: String Resonance (which adjusts the resonance for every single key) and its Hammer Response technology, (which optimises the attack of the notes to match the characteristics of different types of piano tones).

With these features, the AP-470 is even more responsive than previous models; ensuring users can play comfortably and naturally.

Moreover, these new models have been styled after actual acoustic pianos, including an openable top lid design that allows users to adjust the acoustics of the piano and broaden its sound, along with a single-piece keyboard cover, sturdy side panels, and rounded edges on the sides of each key.

In addition, the new AP-470 model is able to connect to Casio’s dedicated Chordana Play for Piano app. The app displays various settings on the screen, including options for switching tones and adjusting resonance, making it easier for users to navigate and create their own settings. Settings are also savable in the app.


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