Casio unveils three new advanced additions to CT-X keyboard range

Casio Music UK has introduced three new keyboards with advanced specifications – the CT-X5000 (pictured), the CT-X3000 and the CT-X700.

The X5000 (RRP £499.99) and the X3000 (RRP £379.99) keyboards feature the new AiX Sound Source, which reproduces the sound of acoustic instruments.

“The keyboards provide high-quality tones ranging from powerful and stirring bass tones to crisp high frequencies. The keyboards faithfully reproduce the natural sound of acoustic instruments including a resonance that corresponds to the strength of each piano keystroke, a sensational live drum sound, and soaring strings,” said Casio Music UK.

The keyboards provide 100 high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) effects that combine various algorithms to realize diverse sound effects, enabling richly expressive playing to suit the user.

With large-magnet bass reflex speakers and a 15W+15W high-output amplifier (maximum output, CT-X5000 model), the keyboards deliver powerful sounds, whether used at home or performing in a large venue.

An extensive library of 800 tones and 235 rhythms supports diverse musical genres, and applications from composition, to arranging, to live performance.

The Registration function enables the user to save up to 128 keyboard setups including tones and rhythms. The user can instantly switch between complex playing patterns and tone/rhythm setups without configuring them every time.

In addition to configuring and saving tones and rhythms to suit the user, the keyboards provide a variety of features for composing and arranging, helping users to bring their ideas to life. Phrase Recorder allows users to record a musical phrase that can be instantly triggered using any of the four pads. The mixer can handle 42 different parts and the 17-track MIDI sequencer can save up to 10 original songs.

The CT-X700 keyboard (RRP £279.99) will also feature the newly developed AiX Sound Source.

It has a wide range of tones and rhythm patterns, supporting diverse musical genres with an extensive library of 600 tones and 195 rhythms.

Moving forward, Casio will actively expand its lineup of keyboards equipped with the AiX Sound Source.


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