Yamaha CA introduces new UK sales team

Over the past few months, Yamaha Commercial Audio (CA) has been assembling a new UK sales team, with well-known Yamaha faces being joined by new staff under the direction of Sales and Marketing Director Robert Webster.

The new team will be ensuring that Yamaha’s UK pre- and post-sales service and support is better than ever.

Alex Warren has worked in various roles within the pro audio industry for the past 10 years, and joined Yamaha two years ago, being promoted to UK CA sales manager in September 2017.

“I feel honoured to be leading Yamaha’s UK CA team. We have worked very hard to locate individuals that possess the drive, enthusiasm and technical skills needed to excel in this demanding business environment,” said Warren.

A well-known industry face, over the past 30 years John Perry has acquired extensive experience in pro audio technical support and sales for a number of high profile manufacturers. He joined Yamaha in 2015, where he has made a substantial contribution to growing Yamaha’s commercial installation market share and spearheads a relevant, creative bespoke service for Yamaha’s dealers and clients.

Reece Stead, Sales Representative, South East UK, joined Yamaha in 2016 after a period when he was simultaneously gaining a degree in audio engineering, working as a freelance audio engineer, and working at his local music store.

“I knew it was the right decision to join Yamaha, as the M7CL was one of the best boards I worked with during my freelance days,” he said. “I wanted to work for a company where I believed in the vision as much as the products.”

Tim Bamber, Sales Representative, North UK and Republic Of Ireland, has over 13 years experience in the pro audio industry, as well as hands-on experience engineering a wide range of events, from local churches through to large scale festivals and corporate AV work.

Joining Yamaha in April 2017, Tim is in charge of growing the northern UK business for Yamaha’s CA portfolio.

Tom Rundle, Technical Sales, UK and Republic Of Ireland, previously worked as a freelance engineer in theatre, music and corporate events. After graduating with a theatre sound degree, he worked for an AV company specialising in conferences and corporate events. This involved a lot of hands-on experience with Yamaha CA products.

Hans Metger, Sales Representative, South West UK and Republic Of Ireland, has worked for a number of high profile pro audio companies and joins Yamaha UK as South West Regional Sales Manager.

“I believe it’s a great time to join Yamaha. As a team we are building the future of the CA division in the UK. We are young, full of fresh ideas and willing to listen and understand our customers’ needs. I’m looking forward to forging great relationships and continue to push forward the success of Yamaha CA solutions in the UK,” he said.

Chris Irvine, Marketing, UK & Republic Of Ireland, joined Yamaha UK back in 2003. Since then he has worked in a number of high profile roles in the company’s pro music and pro audio divisions. In 2008, he took on the role of Product Manager for Music Production and Pro Audio, adding the task of heading Yamaha UK’s CA Marketing to his role at the beginning of 2017.

“2018 is set to be a milestone year for our business,” said Irvine. “With new products scheduled for launch and some great activities to help promote them, we are looking forward to exciting times both within the team and with all our business partners throughout the industry.”

Back row, l-r: Robert Webster, Chris Irvine, Tom Rundle, John Perry, Reece Stead.
Front row, l-r: Tim Bamber, Hans Metger, Alex Warren.


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