Cash Converters helps reunite £30k violin with its owner

A Cash Converters store in Edmonton, London, has helped Royal Orchestra violinist Morven Bryce reunite with her £30k instrument after it went missing on a tour bus.

On January 4th, 2018 two men approached staff at the Edmonton store with the intention of selling a violin and two bows, requesting £35 for a Buy transaction.

Store manager Richard Newman, who has purchased many musical instruments from customers during his six years at Cash Converters, was alerted by the exquisite condition of the musical instrument.

With the violin and two bows displaying no serial numbers, and not registering as stolen, Newman decided to pursue further. Researching the name ‘John Dilworth’, which was labelled on the violin, he discovered that that name belong to a highly-regarded master restorer of antique and expensive string instruments, specialising in restoring instruments worth tens of thousands.

After checking the more in-depth police missing and stolen reports sent to the store, Newman discovered that the violin and bows belonged to Bryce, who’d lost them when they had fallen out of the luggage compartment of a tour bus in November 2017.

Newman obtained her details from the Police report, and emailed Mrs Bryce explaining ‘I think I may have your violin!’.

Since the instrument first went missing, Bryce had conducted a nationwide search via Facebook, with her campaign receiving hundreds of shares around the country from musicians and the public in an attempt to help reunite her with the treasured instrument.

Arriving at the store on January 5th, she heaped praise on the Edmonton store staff and Cash Converters for their due diligence, divulging that the violin and two bows were worth in the region of £30,000.

“I feel truly honoured to have been involved in such a beautiful story and through working for Cash Converters I have been able to repatriate a stunning musical instrument to its rightful owner. It’s a great feeling to have been an integral part in a mechanism that has united an amazing lady with her treasured item,” said Newman.


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