The Globe-Trotter X Analogue Foundation “ultimate listening station” lets you listen to vinyl in HD audio while sipping your favourite cocktail

The Analogue Foundation – a collaboration founded by Audio-Technica, producer Russell Elevado and music group Soundwalk Collective – has teamed up with luxury travel brand Globe-Trotter to create the “ultimate listening station”.

With the recent vinyl revival, there have been a number of new record players on the market. Now, those serious about analogue will be pleased to hear about the new Globe-Trotter X Analogue Foundation Listening Station.

The collaborators have decided it’s about time someone combined two great pleasures in life – good music and booze. And so the listening station allows you to play records carefully selected by The Analogue Foundation on a customised turntable furnished with a selection of high-quality Audio-Technica phono cartridges – including the AT-ART9 magnetic core moving coil and AT33Sa Shibata stylus, with a choice of hi-fidelity listening provided by Audio-Technica’s ATH-ADX5000, ATH-A2000Z, ATH-W1000Z and ATH-W5000 headphones.

Once you’ve settled down with your favourite vinyl, you can lean back and enjoy a favourite drink from a built-in cocktail drawer complete with a set of tumblers found at the bottom of the Listening Station.

“In a world where everything is going digital, Globe-Trotter and The Analogue Foundation both appreciate the quality and richness of analogue, placing value on craftsmanship and design, and according due importance to the object itself in recognition of its power to evoke memories and form a personal attachment to it. The analogue listening experience is one you won’t forget in a hurry,” promises the collaborators.

The station will be unveiled on February 1st, 2018 at Spiritland, King’s Cross, London. And will be on display in Globe-Trotter’s UK flagship store at 35 Albemarle Street, London from Monday 19th February in the bespoke lounge.


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