NAMM Show 2018: New Starstream Type 1 plus guitars and Giulietta electro/acoustic archtops from VOX

Along with its raft of new amps and speaker cabinets, VOX Amps has also introduced four new guitar models, two from its Starstream range, and another two from the Giulietta series.

Those attending this year’s NAMM Show from January 25th will get a chance to see the new axes in action.



The Starstream Type 1 Plus modelling electric guitar (pictured above) features a refined sound as well as a new passive mode.

The new model is an update to the Starstream lineup. It carries on the novel frame design, the carefully-calculated body balance, and the realistic modeling sound powered by the AREOS-D system, but with some player-focused updates.

Newly featured is a much-requested passive mode that lets you perform with the Starstream without the need to supply battery power to the modeling system. Additionally, the onboard sounds as a modeling guitar have received a detailed tune-up.

Onboard features include: AREOS-D System Control Module, Magnetic Pickups, Piezo Pickup, Vol / Tone, Pickup Selector Switch and Passive Mode.

Number of Sounds: 27 (9 banks x 3) User Programs: 6 (2 banks x 3)
Outputs: Guitar output jack (1/4″ phone type), Headphone jack (1/8″ phone type)

VOX has also introduced a Mahogany version of the Starstream Type 1 Plus (pictured below).

Mahogany is a classic guitar wood with a deep, resonant tone highlighted by rich, smooth sustain that enhances the depth and realism of the updated guitar models. Combined with a hard maple neck and a Blackwood Tek Sustainable Wood Composite fingerboard, it provides crisp attack with a balance of sparkling harmonics, rich fundamental sound and even tone that brings each modeled voice to life.

VOX Starstream Type 1 Plus Black Frame Models – SSP £499.00
VOX Starstream Type 1 Plus Metalic Frame Models – SSP £599.00
VOX Starstream Type 1 Plus Mahogany – Expected SSP £699.00

Both models will be available Feb 2018.



The new VOX Giulietta VGA-3PS single cutaway archtop acoustic/electric guitar is an evolution of the classic, full-hollow archtop guitar, featuring sophisticated electronic technology, allowing for more versatility and performance friendly features when recording or playing live. These guitars also feature VOX’s new Super Capacitor Preamp System, which provides clear, brilliant sound for up to 5 hours (TBD) after a quick 10 – minute (TBD) charge via USB.

The Giuletta’s on-board piezo pickup system transforms the typical dull tone of an archtop by providing greater dynamic sensitivity, a more even distribution of lows, mids and highs, and enhanced sustain. The Volume and Tone controls are discreetly located on the pickguard, just like a classic archtop, keeping the look crisp and uncluttered while delivering a wide range of tones to suit any style. There is also a low-cut pot that is adjustable with a small flat blade screwdriver to custom tailor the bass response of your guitar.

The Giulietta VGA-3PS features a compact body size, which makes for a more comfortable and practical playing experience, but also helps reduce feedback and improve the overall tone of the guitar.

VOX Giulietta VGA-3PS – SSP £599.00 Inc VAT. Availability: May 2018



The VOX Giulietta VGA-3D single cutaway archtop acoustic/electric guitar was designed to feature classic archtop styling, yet offer modern playability and state of the art sounds courtesy of VOX’s AREOS-D Digital Modeling System.

The AREOS-D Digital Modeling System puts the player in full control of 18 acoustic and electric modeled sounds. This sophisticated system incorporates several elements to achieve its incredible sound quality: a magnetic pickup for authentic electric guitar models; a piezo pickup system for rich-sounding traditional instruments; a powerful DSP engine for modeled sounds; familiar volume, tone and selector controls and a Control Module that provides instant access to a wide variety of parameters.

A piezo- equipped Tune-O- Matic style bridge system contributes to sparkling acoustic instrument models with brilliant clarity and wide-ranging harmonic content. The VOX XLM humbucking pickup produces authentic, touch-sensitive electric instrument models. This powerful combination puts a palette of sonic versatility at the player’s fingertips.

VOX Giulietta VGA-3D – SSP £599.00. Availability: Late Summer 2018


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