NAMM Show 2018: Korg unveils Prologue synth, D1 digital piano and ARP Odyssey FSQ bundle

Korg has unveiled new products in its synthesizer, keyboard and piano ranges, including the new-generation flagship analog synthesizer – the Prologue.

Announced alongside the new synth is the D1 digital piano and a limited edition bundle including a full-sized ARP Odyssey and a Korg SQ-1. All three new pieces of kit will be on show at this year’s NAMM Show.



Prologue (pictured above) is a fully-programmable professional synthesizer. Preceded by the four-voice polyphonic minilogue and the monophonic monologue, it’s the long awaited debut of the flagship: the prologue.

Prologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer equipped with a full-sized keyboard. With powerful analog circuits that are descended directly from the earlier models of the series, together with a newly developed digital multi engine and DSP-based effects, prologue expands the variety of sounds and the possibilities for user customisation.

The lineup is comprised of two models that cover musicians’ needs for not only stage use, but also studio, home, or touring use: 16-voice 61-key prologue-16, and the eight-voice 49-key prologue-8.

PROLOGUE16 – SSP £ 173 9 .00 inc VAT
PROLOGUE8– SSP £ 129 9 .00 inc VAT

Both models will be available in March/April 2018.



The new D1 digital piano has a slim, compact design that reproduces the playing feel of a grand piano while still being highly portable.

For players interested not only in classical, but also jazz, rock, or funk, the convenience of being able to play in a practice room plus the mobility to take the D1 anywhere is key. With its high-quality keybed developed by KORG and 30 sounds to play with, this instrument is the perfect fit for daily practice or performance.

The D1 provides the external connection jacks that you’ll need on stage. The standard-sized LINE OUT jacks can be connected directly to amplified speakers or to recording equipment. MIDI IN/OUT connectors are also provided. You can connect these via a MIDI interface to your computer, and use the D1 as a MIDI keyboard or as a piano sound module.

D1 DIGITAL PIANO – SSP £599.00 inc VAT. Availability: May 2018.



This limited-edition bundle includes a full-size, 37-key ARP ODYSSEY and a KORG SQ-1.

The reproduction model has been assembled in Japan from an extremely limited number of stock components and is available in all three generation colour variants: Rev1, Rev2, and Rev3.

All this is packaged together with a limited-edition ARP colour version of the KORG SQ-1 step sequencer.

The ARP ODYSSEY FS went on sale in 2017 as a reissue of the original ARP Odyssey. With perfectly replicated analog circuits and sound, and a full-size chassis to match the original, this is a limited-production product that is being reproduced and assembled using parts that are now dead stock.

Just for this occasion, a limited-edition ARP colour version of the SQ-1 with orange silk-screening on a black panel has been added. Two mini-patch cables are also included so that you can start sequencing your ARP ODYSSEY FS right out of the box.

ARP ODYSSEY FSQ – SSP £1459.00 inc VAT. Availability: April/May 2018.


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