NAMM 2018: VOX introduces flagship Nutube MVX150 amps, more MV50 models and new BC112-150 speaker cabinet

VOX Amps has unveiled its latest amplifiers, which will be showcased at this year’s NAMM Show. These include the “next-generation” Nutube MVX150 range, two more additions to the MV50 series, and the new Black Cab BC112-150 Celestion Redback speaker cabinet.



VOX’s new flagship amps are equipped with Nutube, the next-generation vacuum tube. The lineup consists of two models: the MVX150C1 combo amp and the MVX150H amp head.

Approximately two years have passed since the introduction of the Nutube. While preserving the basic structure of a vacuum tube, VOX says it has eliminated the problematic aspects of tubes, and succeeded in creating a “dream device” that’s compact, consumes little power, and has a long lifespan.

This device has already been used in the MV50 small head amp, as well as in a variety of musical instruments. The MVX150 series is the culmination of this technology.

In order to fully express the potential of the Nutube, both the pre-amp and power amp sections feature a Nutube. The newly designed power amp uses NuPower technology, and attains sound quality and stunning power that surpasses conventional tube amps. The two-channel design covers a wide range of sounds from clean to high-gain, and everything in between.

The MVX150 also features useful functionality such as a WET ONLY output for the on-board reverb and effects send/return. Additionally, the combo-type MVX150C1 specially features a UK-made Celestion Redback speaker that covers a broad range of frequencies and can handle the high output of the MVX150.

MVX150H Head – SSP £73 9.00 Inc VAT
MVX150C Combo – SSP £869.00 Inc VAT

Both amps will be availability in April 2018.



The new BC112-150 speaker cabinet is designed to take full complete advantage of the MVX150’s power. Like the combo model, it is equipped with a UK-made Celestion Redback speaker. With 150W of input handling capacity, it’s the perfect way to fully draw out the potential of the MVX150.

The 12-inch speaker used in the BC112-150 boasts a 150W input handling capacity, delivering a high level of expressive power for anything from vintage to modern sounds. The Black Cab series was designed to be simple, reliable and highly versatile, making this speaker cabinet a great choice for use with the MVX150H, with the MVX150C1 to assemble a dry/wet system, or with another high-output amp head.

BC112-150 Speaker Cabinet – SSP £349.00 inc VAT.

Availability: May 2018.



Two new models have been added to the MV50 series lineup: the MV50 High Gain and the MV50 Boutique.

Equipped with the next-gen vacuum tube Nutube, and featuring a stunningly light-weight design of only 540 grams (1.1 lbs.), these amp heads boast a high 50W of output power.

As its name implies, the sound of the MV50 High Gain is optimised for high gain. Equipped with a Mid Control Switch that boosts or cuts the mid-frequency range, this amp gives you a versatile range, delivering edgy sounds with a boosted high and low end that are perfect for riffing or a thick lead sound.

The MV50 Boutique distills the sound of a legendary boutique amp coveted by guitarists. It covers the range from warm and clean, to cutting overdrive that’s ideal for expressive leads, and responds naturally to the subtle nuances of your playing. Out of all the MV50 models, the MV50 Boutique produces a sense of compression that is most typical of a traditional vacuum tube amp.

MV50 High Gain – SSP £199.00 inc VAT
MV50 Boutique – SSP £199.00 inc VAT

Both models are available in April 2018


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