Music-making apps thrive as “DJing becomes a common hobby”

Since the launch of Apple’s App Store ten years ago (yep, that’ll make you feel old), there have always been music-making apps in some form or another for mobile.

The first two things I downloaded on my iPod Touch were a virtual drum kit and a robot synthesiser – admittedly, both were pretty awful, but they were fun none-the-less.

Over the past decade, we have seen app stores on other mobile platforms spring up, and the incredibly fast evolution of these applications.

We’ve seen powerful language learning programs squashed into the palm of our hands, video games that once needed three individual CDs remastered into a single file downloadable in seconds, and, of course, formidable pieces of musical equipment suddenly available to the masses in a more-affordable and more-accessible format.

Gone are the days of fun and silly time-wasters; we’ve now entered the era of serious music making on mobile devices.

but while the technology trudges on, I have often wondered if the users of these apps are fully utilising them, or doing as I did with my robot synth, and losing interest quite quickly.

That’s why I was glad to hear about the success of Gismart’s Beat Maker Go.

The app maker says that it has seen “unprecedented growth” in recent months is mobile music making, with a growing appeal of casual music games and music-making apps, allowing individuals to become musicians simply by using their mobile device.

Gismart believes that this is “transforming the way that we engage with music on a global scale”.

The app developer is currently witnessing huge growth in this space, reaching the top 10 most downloaded free music apps on the Apple App Store with its beat-making app, Beat Maker Go.

The app, which allows users to become DJs and create music on the go, is now seeing two million active users every month and is currently featured alongside other top apps, such as Shazam and GarageBand, in the most popular free music apps on the App Store in various countries globally.

Currently the 6th most popular free music app and 60th in Top Overall (above Dropbox and Google Photos) on the UK App Store, Beat Maker Go is a drum pad and drum machine app that allows users of all levels to become a DJ and create music on the go.

Users can access a presets library where they can select high quality sound packs in various EDM genres and start playing instantly. Sophisticated real-time audio effects help make every track unique, and its in-app mic feature also lets users record their own vocals, read, rap or add additional sounds.

“With dance music culture booming, for many, DJing is becoming a common hobby. Going from zero to two million monthly active users in one year we feel this trend strongly,” said Alex Minets, co-founder of Gismart.

“There are lots of exciting news and announcements coming soon for existing and future users of Beat Maker Go, starting with the Beat Maker Go release on Android platform and partnerships with hot DJs. Watch this space.”

With developers like Gismart, who are relatively new to the MI space, and big instrument brands like Korg, Steinberg and IK Multimedia all creating powerful music-making software for mobile, it will be fascinating to see where the world of digital music-making ends up in another 10 years.


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