Dialog Audio unveils SQ4 Sequence Processor plug-in

Specialised performance tools developer Dialog Audio has announced the availability of its SQ4 Sequence Processor audio software plug-in.

SQ4 permits users to create unique sequenced modulation patterns — four sequences with up to 128 steps per sequence. The basic setup for most host applications is straightforward, with only two tracks usually required. On one track the user needs to add SQ4 Sequence Processor itself, then add the target device — be that an external hardware or software instrument — to the second track, with a virtual MIDI connection also needing to be made from the SQ4 Sequence Processor track to the target device track.

Thereafter, SQ4 Sequence Processor provides different connection capabilities (depending on the audio hardware setup it is being used with).

These includes: controlling hardware synthesizers (or other hardware) with MIDI inputs via MIDI CC messages, RPN and non-RPN messages, or MIDI SysEx messages; modulating any analogue synthesizer capable of receiving CV signals simply by patching spare outputs from an audio interface (if DC-coupled) is perfectly possible, generating high-resolution audio rate CV modulation, or, alternatively, a MIDI-to-CV converter could always be pressed into play for any audio gear that can be controlled via CV.

Owners of software-only setups need not feel left out of the picture, for SQ4 Sequence Processor can capably modulate soft synths and audio plug-ins within the host DAW to provide extended modulation possibilities.

The SQ4 Sequence Processor can be loaded within MP3244 Modulation Processor, which serves to extend its modulation possibilities further still.

SQ4 Sequence Processor can be purchased for Mac or Windows directly from the Dialog Audio shop for $49.00 USD (including VAT)

MP3244 Modulation Processor and SQ4 Sequence Processor can be bought bundled together for $79.00 USD (including VAT), representing around a 20% saving over buying both products separately.

Owners of MP3244 Modulation Processor are eligible for a special offer to upgrade their existing MP3244 Modulation Processor license to a Plugin Bundle license by buying SQ4 Sequence Processor at a reduced rate, valid until February 28th, 2018.


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