NAMM Show 2018: Audiofusion promises to turn your iPhone into a wireless in-ear monitor

Austin-based start-up Audio Fusion Systems is releasing its Audiofusion software at this year’s NAMM Show.

The software takes digital audio from the sound console or audio interface and broadcasts it in real-time over Wi-Fi, allowing musicians to hear and customise their own monitor mix on their mobile devices.

“Now musicians can roam the stage freely and wirelessly with complete control of their mix at a fraction of the cost of comparable hardware based systems,” explains the company.

Using patent-pending technology to deliver the real-time audio, Audiofusion aims to make personal, wireless, in-ear monitoring accessible to musicians at every level.

“Audiofusion has totally freed me on stage. I can completely control my monitor mix by just reaching into my back pocket and I didn’t have to buy any equipment. Audiofusion is going to change the way I do music. “More me in the monitor” will be a thing of the past,” said M. Schonfeld, a Worship Leader, musician and Audiofusion user.

The software uses patent-pending audio and networking technology to capture each instrument signal from your digital audio source with professional fidelity. Audiofusion then packages up the audio and delivers it in real-time, over Wi-Fi, to the Audiofusion app on each musician’s smart phone.

Unlike traditional hardware based systems, Audiofusion gives simultaneous control to both the musician and the sound engineer, meaning the musician is no longer at the mercy of what the house provides and the house can still provide full support.


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