Global social music network Allihoopa partners with music-making apps Triqtraq and DM2

Collaborative music making service Allihoopa has announced two new partnerships with music-making apps Triqtraq and DM2.

Allihoopa users can now compose original beats in Triqtraq’s smooth one-window interface and use DM2, the powerful Synthesis Drum Machine, available on iPad.

Allihoopa says it is dedicated to building an interactive social network for anybody doing music, “no matter their ambition, skill or tool”. On Allihoopa, music labels and artists engage musically with their audiences and interact directly with fans and users worldwide.

“Allihoopa users love to make music and collaborate with others around the globe. We’re always on the lookout for new ways people can make music together,” said Timothy Self, CEO of Allihoopa.

“Triqtraq and DM2 are amazing apps that bring new types of musicians and beatmakers into the Allihoopa community. We’re excited to partner with giving Allihoopa users more resources to create new music.”

Triqtraq users compose original beats on-the-go, record sound tweaks in real-time, and sample original sounds for direct use. The app also offers advanced automation and rhythmic features to create musical patterns that never sound the same.

DM2 is a powerful Synthesis Drum Machine for iPad with a smart graphic editor, for fast and easy-to-use sound creation and manipulation.

Triqtraq and DM2 join a growing list of Allihoopa partners, which is composed of other like-minded companies and apps including Korg, Propellerhead, MOOG, Soundtrap, Figure, Take, and more.


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