If you’ve ever wanted to build your own guitar pedal, Distortion Ltd’s DIY Marshall-style kit is the thing for you

Many guitar enthusiasts have desired to have a pedal that’s truly unique to them. Some build up museum-worthy collections of the most outrageous sound-warping stomp boxes, others dream about trying their hand at creating their very own.

Delving into the world of electronics, soldering and circuits is not an easy one though, with one of the main issues being – where the hell do you start?

Well, new guitar gear mag Distortion Ltd has created that introduction into the world of pedal-making for you with its new DIY Marshall-style distortion pedal kit.

Each kit contains all the parts you’ll need to create your very own pedal. And to make things even easier, Distortion Ltd’s latest issue features a step-by-step guide to help you build your beast.

“The parts included are all top-quality, featuring rugged footswitches, Alpha potentiometers, Topmay film capacitors, premium sockets that grip the parts tight, and a powdercoated enclosure,” explained Distortion Ltd.

The kit only requires that you have the necessary tools to build the pedal, including a soldering iron and wire cutters/strippers.

This particular kit is for Distortion’s version of a Marshall JCM800 and Park 150. Nicholas Kula originally designed this pedal to end the tone quest of a friend of his, who had no other requirements than “it has to sound like Fugazi.”

The result is a tribute to all things JCM, with volume, gain and presence knobs, along with a full three-band EQ. A toggle switch bypasses the entire EQ and presence controls for a raw, unhinged redlined Marshall head.

The Distortion Ltd DIY Kit has a price tag of $69.95 and is available to buy here.

You can have a listen to how the finished pedal should sound in the video below:


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