Synergy Amps unveils the SYN-1 Single Module tube preamp

Synergy Amps has introduced the new SYN-1 Single Module tube preamp.

The SYN-1 is a roadworthy, professional housing that is compatible with any of Synergy’s interchangeable preamp modules. Want to change your sound? Simply slide in a different Synergy preamp module and you can access a whole new array of boutique amp tones.

The SYN-1 provides a powerful, flexible gateway to boutique tone in several different ways. Using the SYN-1 loaded with a Synergy module you can:

1. Go direct out (XLR or ¼”) into a recording console, concert venue mixer or powered monitor
2. Add two new “boutique” channels to your current amp via the series effects loop
3. Run from the direct out of the Synergy into your current amp’s input if there is no effects loop (This method does NOT bypass your preamp, and only gives you the 2 channels of your Synergy module)

The SYN-1’s XLR output with cabinet simulation sends your 12AX7-driven tone directly to your recording interface, live mixing console, power amp input or powered monitor. This is true tube-driven tone, not a digital emulation.

Do you have your own impulse response that you’d rather use? No problem. Simply bypass the cab sim on the back of the SYN-1. Synergy worked hand-in-hand with legendary amp designer Steven Fryette to outfit the SYN-1 with a front-mounted Sag control, offering the feel and response that only a great tube amp can give.

By hooking the SYN-1 to your amp’s series effects loop with a straightforward 3-cable method, you’re able to footswitch between the two channels on your Synergy preamp module and your amp’s built in channel(s). By clicking ‘bypass’ on the footswitch, you’ve now bypassed the amplifier’s preamp, giving complete tonal control to the SYN-1, and can switch between the two channels of the module.

With the simple swap of a module you can turn any amp into a Diezel VH4, Friedman BE, Morgan AC40, or any other of the top-tier amps recreated in the Synergy line. Because each Synergy module boasts two footswitchable channels, and an effects loop, you can effortlessly call up new tones on the fly. Best of all, with the SYN-1’s onboard effects loop, you still have the ability to run your favourite rack and stompbox effects before or after the preamp section.

You might ask, “but my amp doesn’t have a series effects loop… can I still use the SYN-1?” The answer is yes! You would simply use the ¼” direct out into the input of your amp. However, this method will only allow the use of the 2 channels on the Synergy module, and will not bypass the preamp of your existing amp… but it will give you two boutique amp channels.

Synergy Amp’s SYN-1 will be launching at NAMM 2018 and will be available through Boutique Amps Distribution.


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